Dr. Hiroshi Yamaguchi -- Bio

Dr. Darryl James currently serves as Vice Provost for Institutional Effectiveness with responsibility to oversee institutional effectiveness for the university. He acts as the institutional liaison with SACSCOC, supervises the institutional effectiveness team made up of the Office of Planning and Assessment and Institutional Research. He also supports the institutions compliance with THECB, SACSCOC and discipline-based accreditor academic standards. He supports the development of new graduate programs.

Dr. James’ area of expertise is thermal-fluid sciences. His research includes both computational and experimental work in thermal-fluids. Among his research topics are thermal-fluid engineered systems such as solar thermochemical heat engine development and analysis, heat transfer characteristics of pulsed, combined-pulsed, and dynamic radial jet nozzles, dynamic behavior of gas surface adsorption on thin polymer films deposited on surface acoustic wave devices, physical simulation of tornado-like vortices, thermal necrosis in spinal revision surgery, experimental determination of mass transport due to buoyant forces in horizontal enclosures, selective entrainment of immiscible fluids, and preferential ion transport in nanochannels. He is director of VorTECH, the US’s largest tornado simulator.