Dr. Christian Pohl -- Bio

Dr. Christian Pohl is co-director of the transdisciplinarity-net of the Swiss-Academies of Art and Science and senior researcher and lecturer at the Department of Environmental Sciences at ETH Zurich. He was trained in environmental sciences and wrote a doctoral thesis on how to handle uncertainties in environmental assessments by using fuzzy sets. As a postdoc he moved to the field of science and technology studies, where he analyzed the collaboration of natural and social scientist in Swiss and Swedish policy-driven environmental research. In 2003 he became co-director of td-net for transdisciplinary research of the Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences (http://www.transdisciplinarity.ch/e). Td-net’s aim is to strengthen research that addresses real-world issues and for that purpose bridges academic as well as non-academic expert knowledge.

During the last years Christian Pohl’s work at td-net focused on the methodological particularities of transdisciplinary knowledge production. Out of this work he published, amongst others, the Principles for Designing Transdisciplinary Research (2007) and co-edited the Handbook of Transdisciplinary Research (2008), both providing practical examples, theoretical basics and tools for collaborative knowledge production. Christian Pohl’s main field of research and publication is the analysis and design of transdisciplinary research, specifically in the field of sustainability sciences, and with a particular interest in the collaboration between natural and social sciences and the science.